a group of skateboarders and traveling vagabonds.

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they're their vegetarian lunches

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having a wife and children meant for him giving up the radical seclusion and the concentrated focus on depth of his own subjectivity that he saw as indispensable for his life...

appndx B

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no post in a while; we were NOT building, but preparing for:
Ween is dead (long live Ween)

Rules: In the comment section write in up to your up-to-10 favorite Ween songs and we'll make an edit for each one after results are in.*)

*yacht-rock send-up 'Boys Club' will not be counted. neither will 'Ocean Man'
) example below

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quotable snake-Hitler

'The situation on the Eastern Front requires me to surround your countries with my attention.'

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For The Crusties Who Would Care...

Found this gem in some deep inter-web archival backwash...It solidified the stories I have been told.

P.S.- This is a direct result of the Drehobl binge I have been on.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Tide Changer...

This photo, which I was lucky enough to find again, is one that always stuck deep in my brain.

I remember seeing it in a Thrasher while in my 7th grade math class, although the photo is from '94, they ran it again in a comprehensive Drehobl interview. I loved Hubba Hideout photos, and was obsessed with the EMB Days of skating (the hang-out, crew mentality, not the clothes). I saw the style on the nosegrind, and the butt in his mouth.

It just crushed everything I knew and thought about skating and life. Smoking was bad...but this photo was so good. It was good to be bad. It all clicked.

Back-Foot Style: Forgotten Form, or Relish on the Hotdog?

Chernerd: Nodding Torrance

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non-Sequitor Asher Maxfield

Social perpetual third try-ply speech tail. Afar drama alias yoga...down? TWIG SLIP!

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Monument Club.

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Peace on Earth Evers

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Zephyr may refer to a light or west wind.

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One for Pinochet

Telephones, bananas and human rights violations.

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Nancy, Gipper, Gorby, and Raisa.

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Loading the Trebuchet With Pertinent Skate Action for Summer Days.

If I could have one company reincarnated, it would have to be Supernaut. Great wood infused with the power of Jah. Unique shapes. One Love.

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hype engineering

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Trialz 'N' Tribulationz Vol. II

Da Boyz sweatin' one out...

THE Duet...FitchMinster.

A video pilgrimage through the minds of these central-Mass mutations. Featuring some free-wheelin' moves by Chernerd, Wild Stallion a.k.a. Luke Macfee.

The Duet from derek hanlon on Vimeo.

detail oriented paul

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what's worse, they curse

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barted lags
barted lags;
barted lags

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you know, for the kids!

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Pun Week Fails.

I'm failing poli-sci cause of my MARX.

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